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By Appointment only!
Now offering 
facials and body waxing!

Where Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology Collide To Bring You a One Of A Kind Experience!

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Red Light Therapy

Infrared light Therapy



Our Location

Full body Wellness with Light Therapy!

Here at Rejuvenation,  we use holistic methods to relieve sore muscles, joints, stress, body detox, and boost your immune system to promote physical and mental wellness. Light therapy not only provides short-term relief, but also long-term preventative measures against various conditions and diseases that can result from a stressful lifestyle.

  • Improved Health and Wellness

  • Immediate Results

  • Promote, Develop, or Improve Physical Fitness, Energy

  • Weight Loss Goals

  • Natural Fitness, Cleansing Perspiration, Improved Energy & Endurance

  • Soothing Hot Massage

  • Tranquil Stress Management & Relaxation

  • Body Firming and Toning

  • Enhanced Flexibility

  • Power Naps and Sleep Management

  • Refreshing Purified Air, Pleasing Aroma, Invigorating Salt Air & Enriched Humidity

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